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The Development of Waterproofing Practices

The evolution of the sloping roof towards the flat roof through the last couple of centuries was necessitated by the elements of the 'form follows function tenet in architecture. For one,this provided architectural latitude in terms of design and a more optimized utilization of urban space that was becoming increasingly expensive. It was greatly augmented be the rapid expansion in the availability of 'water proofing' material such as pitch and bitumen, with the activities that coul'd be loosely associated with the development of mining techniques during the Industrial Revolution. Both the above materials were widely used for water proofing in spite of great differences in their origin and their composition .The sloping roof comprised of a large number of disjointed water proof elements (such as tiles or slate) and depends on gravity to ensure that the water flowed down from the one element to the next.The flat roof,initially, had several areas weakness in terms of per meability,such as the joints between the stones and the crack developed in the hardened material such as lime or clay.These weak areas were sea led with pitch and bitumen mixed with stops one powders. Gradually, a whole layer of waterproofing came to be provided as a preventive measure, rather than a maintenance procedure.

In time, however, the water proofing was reinforced with fabrics of hemp and cotton fibers to give it adequate mechanical properties. Later gave way to factory made rolls of water proofing materials, which could be easily be transported and affixed at site. Organic and natural fibers used as reinforcement slowly where replaced by non-biodegradable materials such as fiberglass and in the 70s with polyestermats. Similarly, the environmental hazards associated with coal tar and its products paved the way for wide spreads use of bitumen on field of waterproofing. Many different polymers were later added to the bitumen to alter its mechanical properties such as brittleness over time, resistance to heat and cold, etc.



INTELLITEK WATER PROOFING & INSULATION is a professionally managed concern catering to the burgeoning demand in the U.A.E market for the reliable service and consultancy in the field of building insulation. Our quality of work & expertise has allowed us to become one of the best in the business & we are continually upgrading our services to meet the increasing demands of the clients. As your waterproofing specialists we have the innovation, equipment & technical expertise necessary to undertake projects in this region. Many of the systems and techniques used by our company are backed up by years of experience in this field, and mainly with the team of well experienced and knowledgeable workmen to provide the best job possible.


Our Group Aim

 To provide services that will address and satisfy our customer's needs, requirements and expectations in a cost effective way.
  Completion of projects to customers in time, on budget and to their satisfaction.
 To be known as a reliable, efficient and service minded company.
 To employ the best industry practice and strive for excellence through total continuous improvement and innovation.
  To minimize the impact on environment and provide Value Engineering for our Customers.

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Our Vision & Mision


"To be a market leader in providing higher level of professional and full-fledged quality waterproofing services."


"A perfect solution for waterproofing needs."

Our Policy

Our Greatest Asset-Our People

From the very beginning,we set stringent measures for recruiting and cultivating new talent to ensure our clients only deal with the highest quality and most qualified professionals throughout their experience wor king with . We also invest a vast amount of resources in tra ining our people to became more knowledgeable a bout their respective fields, which ultimately,leaders to superior service, efficient finances and timely delivery.

Quality Policy - Quality is the best business plan

To install quality waterproofing and insulation system for buildings ensuring perfor mance stipulated guarantee period.

We are committed continuously to improve the quality management system through innovative approach, planning and teamwork.