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Future Technology Display Solutions

IntelliTek IT Solutions

Company dedicated to offer inltegrated LED display application solution for advertising media Arenas, science museum, conference, events, and branding promotion.

We offer specific comprehensive solution via LED&L1CD display based on different industries fields,! environment and various application. lntegrated display, content, materials, interiactive software1 makes the scence more vivid and realistic, enhances the user experience. and creates a visual feast for customers and audience intellitek focus on cstomer needs and customer service ,continue to create va1u1e for customers, and achieve win-win with customers.

Display Solution

1.  K-poster
2.  K-shelf(retail solution)
3.  K-video wall
4.  K-Transparent solutions
5.  K-Flexible display
6.  K-Smart Panel
7.  K-Mirror

LED Shelve is information led display, mainly installed in the front of the boards on the super­market shelves, used to display the shelf goods promotion sales price, product characteristics, and other information

Intellitek IT Solutions LLC

Support for Wi-Fiwireless ,controla1nd content update, U disk content update Wi­Fi hotspot Android phone control and USB serial port wired control. This product consists of an independent controller that can connect 12pcs unit Maximum, LED displays can be arranged in single cable series or multi cable series.


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